Choka (Aubergine & Tomato)
Choka (Aubergine & Tomato)
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Choka (Aubergine & Tomato)

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Charcoal roasted aubergine and tomatoes, infused with burnt garlic coconut oil (chunkay), coriander and scotch bonnet peppers.

Great to use as a dip with roti or pitta bread, or as a side with any meal. This is usually eaten warm or room temperature.

Aubergine, Tomato, Onion, Garlic, Coriander, Scotch Bonnet Pepper, Coconut Oil, Salt, Cumin Seed

Reheating Guidelines

 500 ML Container 

Microwave (recommended):

Slightly open lid. Place on a microwaveable plate. Cook on full power - 850W

6 mins > Stir well and serve.


Add 100ml water to a saucepan. Turn the container over and run warm water over it for 2 mins. Open the lid and tip contents into saucepan carefully.

Cover and cook for 7 mins or until all of the choka is melted and soft. (Rotate block several times to defrost evenly.)

Defrost Instructions:

Should this product defrost, keep refrigerated and eat within 48 hours. Follow hob guidelines but cook for 5 mins.

Extra Warnings:

Steam may be released when removing box cover.