About us

We deliver the freshest and tastiest Caribbean food to your friends and family, via YOUR kitchen. 
With our roots in Trinidad and Tobago, one of the 28 island nations in the Caribbean, we offer a unique take on the region's dishes. Our dishes reflect the twin-island republic's cultural diversity, heavily influenced by Indian and African flavours with European hints and twists.
Buss-pepper is a term used when a whole scotch bonnet chilli (pepper) bursts (buss) in a pot of stew or curry, this makes the dish fiery hot and extremely tasty; some even do it on purpose. Busspepper is Caribbean flavour at its purest!
We believe that food is best enjoyed straight from the pot in your kitchen and so have developed our offerings to be the home-cooked meals where we've done sourcing of authentic ingredients and the heavy lifting/cooking for you!
Food is prepared to the highest of standards in our South London kitchen, with an emphasis on traditional preparation and recipes and instantly cooling and freezing food from cooking, so as to lock in freshness.